Valentine’s Day brought out a whole bunch of sonic sweetness to enjoy this year — from JoJo‘s #FreeJo EP to Betty Who‘s “Heartbreak Dream” to Queen Diva Mariah‘s “You’re Mine (Eternal).”

And now, there’s another song to add to your lovey-dovey playlists: DJ/producer Plastic Plates has teamed up with the reliably fantastic Sam Sparro for “Stay In Love,” a mesmerizing slice of disco romance.

Sam’s no stranger to a synthesizer of course, and his vocals spread like buttah across the dreamy disco thumper. “I get lost in love sometimes, I’ll be yours and you’ll be mine/Let’s stay in love,” Sam sweetly pleads. (You know, basically all the nice things you’d like for a boy to say to you.)

It’s truly love at first play.

“Stay In Love” was released on February 14. (iTunes)