Grace Jones: Love You To Life

Reporting directly from the Jones MySpace:

Following the live thrill of Grace Jones in January, who performed across the UK with the aptly named ‘Hurricane’ tour, Wall Of Sound announce the forthcoming release of ‘Love You To Life’ due March 30th 2009, the second single to be taken from Jones’ masterpiece record, ‘Hurricane’. ‘Love You To Life’ continues the autobiographical nature of ‘Hurricane’ with its moody lyricism and reggae tint.

Is fear the air you breathe?

But seriously…Get pumped. I’m praying for a video, though I know it’s a long shot. The track will see both digital and vinyl release. Also interesting to note:

This year, Grace is expected to headline various Festivals across the UK and Europe; more releases are due from the Hurricane project, along with some new headline dates.

There’ll never be an end to this beginning.

God, this is a quote worthy track, isn’t it?

That’s how I like it.

Grace Jones
DL: Grace Jones – Love You To Life (Sharebee)

BoA: Doing It For Love And Money

BoA: Doing It For Love And Money

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All Right, All You Men, You Boys…


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