Welcome to the premiere of MuuMix, a new series on MuuMuse. (Yay!)

One of the best ways to appreciate an artist’s work is to take a deep-dive into their record collection to understand the music that’s currently shaping their sound. Each month or so, I’m inviting one artist to collaborate with MuuMuse on a MuuMix — a mixtape featuring their favorite songs and remixes of the moment, as well as their own music and rare Excluusives — all curated into one handy compilation.

This month, I’ve asked XOV to take the reigns as the first collaborator.

In case you missed the Introduucing… the first time around, the rising Swedish dark-pop prince has been making some incredibly promising sounds just below the radar, including his shiver-inducing “Lucifer.” As XOV continues to carve out his debut studio LP, which he’s been working on alongside Max Martin, the singer’s just dropped the stripped (or Naked Edition) of his upcoming Boys Don’t Cry EP. (Two of those songs are included in this compilation.)

Get better acquainted with XOV (and discover new music!) with XOV’s MuuMix below.

For more on XOV, check out his official website.

Cover design: T. Kyle