Kylie Minogue Did A Surprise ‘Kiss Me Once’ Promo Performance In A London Pub Last Night

Last night, while you were busy texting former flames at 2 AM to find a last minute Valentine, the divine Miss Kylie Minogue surprised patrons at the Old Blue Last in East London with a live ‘n intimate Kiss Me Once set.

The night included Kylie Karaoke (KYLIAOKE), Kylie Bingo (KYLINGO), Kiss Me Once balloons (I WANT ONE) and MAC Cosmetics Valentine’s Day gift bags (KM SWAG) — and of course, Miss Minogue herself, who arrived on stage rocking a glamorous bob to perform “Into The Blue,” “Les Sex” (a highlight from the album — review pending) and “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” for the crowd.

Footage from the night? We should be so lucky! And indeed, we are: Team Minogue was kind enough to upload the full “Into The Blue” performance from last night, marking the first time she’s ever performed the song live — and she really, really nails it. Every high note. Every melody. It ain’t an easy song to belt out (just ask my shower), but she performed it effortlessly.

But alas, there’s no time to waste: Kylie’s already heading off to France today. Party in France? (REFERENCE). Indeed! She’s heading to Colette’s French Kiss party, where she’ll be performing another set while we all sit at home, seething with jealousy.

But it’s fine — I held her hand front row at Splash (RIP) in NYC for the Aphrodite mega-mix premiere back in Summer of ’10, so I can’t be too bitter about missing this one. #NotSoHumbleBrag #Blessed4Life

‘Kiss Me Once’ will be released on March 17. (iTunes)



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