To paraphrase Gay Twitter (or some subsection of Twitter, I don’t know), Ina Wroldsen‘s got the hits that stick like grits.

I am lit-raly so late to posting about this one (two weeks), but in a way, that’s a good thing! In a time of endless appetite for more (moah), when #NewMusicFriday songs are usually old news by Monday, the fact that I even return to the song is basically a miracle. One of my Songs of Summer ’18 now, surely.

“Lie To Me” is the Norwegian singer-songwriter’s collaboration with Steve Aoki, who is most famous for appearing in this photo set of Hilary Duff and Avril Lavigne – and it is great. (She’s really been killing it this past year in general, from her own solo EP to a tasty helping of club collaborations. She’s very Sia-esque in that way. A nonstop bop machine!)

If you already loved “Breathe,” her collaboration with Jax Jones, chances are you’ll love “Lie to Me,” which feels like the natural spiritual sister of the song. I’d say it sounds a bit more mystical and mysterious, a little bit sexier and sadder, and way more needy. And we all love needy, am I right?

If “Breathe” was about begging someone to let their feelings known, “Lie To Me” is about fully knowing they’re over it – and begging them to stick around, anyway.

You used to keep your hand in the small of my back / I used to make you glow / We used to become one like magnets / And now you wanna go,” Ina aches.

“It’s a desperate plea: whatever you want, whatever you need…she’ll do it. (A #vers queen!)

I don’t know what you want from me, but you can have it all / I promise to be all you’re after / Just don’t walk out the door.”

Scandinavians truly reign supreme at delivering tears at the discotheque.

Go ahead and give the song a listen – or, at least, lie to me and say that you did.

“Lie To Me” was released on July 20. (iTunes)

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