Say Lou Lou — better known ’round these parts as Slay Lou Lou — stays slaying.

After captivating us with single after single of ethereal beauty over the past year and a half — from “Maybe You” and “Julian” to “Better In The Dark” and “Beloved,” one of my Top 10 favorite songs of 2013, the Aussie-Swedish twin sister act has returned in 2014 with the glorious “Everything We Touch,” the latest single off of their highly anticipated debut album due out later this year. (Note: This is not to be confused with the Cascada classic, “Everytime We Touch.”)

The duo’s only continued to perfect their craft with each new release, supplying us with even dreamier melodies and infectious hooks. And, yes — they’ve done it again.

Backed by atmospheric guitars, a kicking drum and a HAIM-meets-Lana Del Rey like nostalgic haze, the girls dreamily tell their tale: “I lived inside the hidden bay and time used to pass so slow/I raised dragons by my side, but I had to let them go,” they croon.

The song only continues to grow catchier, exploding into ta glittering chorus: “Everything we touch turns to gold at night/In the dark we make it special, make it justified,” the girls chant.

With all these lyrics about dragons, ashes and gold, I have to wonder: Are the girls vying for a future Game Of Thrones theme? Because that should definitely happen. I can already see Miranda and Elektra dramatically dancing around a cauldron in medieval tunics.

“Everything We Touch” is so unbelievably hook-heavy and magical, it’s as though we’re listening a Xenomania-produced Fleetwood Mac record.

This album could not come soon enough, seriously.

“Everything We Touch” will be released on May 19. (iTunes)