Praise the Lloyd: Cher (Lloyd) got it right.

I’ve been going har-har-hard for the swagga-filled singer-rapstress ever since she showed up on the stage of X Factor UK years ago, but some of her post-X Factor musical choices — I’m looking at you, “Swagger Jagger” — have proved to be, well, grating. (“Superhero,” however, remains incredible.)

After dropping her debut album Sticks & Stones in 2011, the pint-sized diva revealed that she had parted ways with Simon Cowell‘s SyCo. Then, she signed with Epic Records and aired her frustrations quite publicly with LA Reid regarding the status of her second studio album. But now, it appears the Lloyd Ball has finally begun rolling all over again.

“Sirens” is the soaring follow-up to “I Wish (feat. T.I.)” off of her second LP, Sorry I’m Late — and it’s a proper SMASH.

Striding into the speakers on a gentle guitar strum, La Lloyd drops the swag shtick and supplies us instead with a full-bodied, super grown up midtempo power ballad of mega-proportions: That chorus is just, like, whooooooosh: “Lay down here beside me in the shallow water!” the “Want U Back” pop princess belts. (It’s really more of a “LAAYYYYUHHHHHHH DOWWWWUHHHHNNN HEEEAHHYUHHHHHH!” to be honest.)

It’s so nice to hear Cher actually singing again. (Remember this?) She’s wailing! And coupled with those magnificent bells chiming in the distance and the crashing drums, it’s all so massive and glorious. It’s almost like Kylie‘s “Kiss Me Once” meets a bit of One Direction‘s new ‘guitar direction’ meets Leona Lewis‘s “Collide” chorus. You’ll be putting this one on re-pea-pea-peat, that’s for sure.

You nailed it, Miss Cher!



‘Sorry I’m Late’ will be released on May 27. (iTunes)