Florrie! Florrie, fabulous Florrie.

For those who’ve not yet been properly introduced by now, the stunning blonde siren got her start as the in-house drummer in the hallowed halls of the Xenomania cottage (playing on tracks for the almighty Girls Aloud and Kylie Minogue, among others), and has since rolled out a series of delectable EPs and free singles. (Go on and dig through the MuuArchives for all things Florriescent.)

The “Call 911” songstress is trucking right along in 2014 toward her long, long awaited debut LP, starting with a new EP called Sirens due out at the end of April to drum up anticipation (again) for her record. (Y’know, get that #blogbuzz.)

After dropping her tongue-twisting, Eastern-influenced “Seashells” a month ago, Florrie’s returned with a hypnotic new track: “Free Falling” — and the best part about it is the song’s catchy, self-explanatory hook. “Here I am I sing the verse, sing the verse/It’s upside down and in reverse, in reverse,” she cooly announces above a luscious synth-pop pulse. And there you have it!

The repeat-heavy bop should be right up the street of any Aloud fan, seeing as the funky beats, catchy hooks and lyrical ludicrousness is all sorts of Aloud realness. (Maybe a cross between “Real Life” and “Turn To Stone”?) Long live that Xenomania reign!

Oh, and that accompanying video? Two hotties glamorously lazing around a stunning modern country home in slow-motion? Model problems. (And I’ll take his number, thank you very much.)

The ‘Sirens EP’ will be released on April 27. (iTunes)