The Steven Klein-directed, Nicola Formichetti-styled video for rising rapstress Brooke Candy‘s booty bouncin’, Paris Is Burning-referencing debut “Opulence” has arrived — and yes, there will be nightmares.

From the first terrifyingly violent, Kill Bill-esque moment, it’s clear that Brooke’s out for blood in her brutal quest for the gold in, as KARLISMYUNKLE pointed out, a subtle nod to her early days as a stripper. (Moral of the story: Do NOT snatch Brooke’s wig and expect to make it out alive.)

Prepare for an onslaught of visual yumminess (so much glitter!), courtesy of Klein’s masterful eye for haute couture intensity (see also: Madonna‘s #secretprojectrevolution) and Formichetti’s avant garde, post-Gaga styling skills. Oh, and a whole bunch of salaciousness and sensory overload courtesy of Brooke herself: Expect pussy-patting, genderfuck, fiery car crashes, earsplitting shrieks and a whole lot of material overindulgence.

It’ll have those Illuminati allegations coming in shortly — or maybe just straight-up Satanism.

In a world of predictable pop videos and the Internet’s increasingly irritating tendency to police political correctness, I’m very much here for Brooke’s uncomfortable onslaught.

So book your next therapist session and then watch above — if you dare.

“Opulence” was released on April 22. (iTunes)