To Whom It May Concern: iamamiwhoami is back for more.

After making a grand return with “Fountain” back in January, followed by February’s “Hunting For Pearls,” delightfully odd Swedish chanteuse Jonna Lee continues her journey into the unknown today with “Vista,” a similarly gorgeous display of weird and wonderful electronic textures.

This time around, Jonna’s found herself scaling the icy tundra, flossing with an iced out bodysuit (quite literally), a giant puffy coat and yes, even a fabulous ice tiara.


Yaaaaaas, Swedish Icy Tundra Queen!

Later on, she’s joined by some enthusiastic shadow dancers, and girl, they are werking it against the icy backdrop. (It kind of looks like me at the club after one too many G&Ts, to be honest.)


Me seducing your man.

Jonna’s clearly feeling the new scenery by the end, because she’s waving her freak flag high and breaking out into some celebratory interpretive dance.

Also, I couldn’t help but spot this eerily spot-on comparison…


Is Jonna Lee actually the mother of Chloe From Vine?


“Vista” was released on April 28. (iTunes)