Adore Delano is one thirsty lil’ ladyboy.

Although the party princess didn’t take home the crown on last night’s RuPaul’s Drag Race — the winner, deservingly, was shady lady Bianca Del Rio — that doesn’t mean that she wasn’t ready to go with her #AdoreDelanoPromo the very next day. (Besides, she was graced by The Holy Spearit this week — didn’t she already win at life?)

After revealing her plan to go all Lady Gaga (“but with a penis”) and “take drag-pop to the mainstream” during last night’s finale, the hog body babe just dropped her #SomethingMoreUrban Grindr anthem, “DTF” — the first track off of her upcoming album, Till Death Do Us Party, out in June. (I’m clocking that Wynter Gordon REFERENCE, FYI.)

And you know what? The bass-heavy trap-pop banga ain’t bad! Backed by a nasty slap, swirling electro and some hands-in-the-air chants, the trashy chanteuse calls out the fellas pretending to be something they’re not online — not that she’s unwilling to throw it back anyway, of course: “Paper bag bitch, busted in the face/Got that bomb dick…not a total waste,” Adore moans.

As with the “Oh No She Better Don’t” music video challenge, Adore shines bright like a drag diamond in video vixen mode. This time around, she’s playing the baddest bitch in the laundromat: Miss Thang struts her stuff, flips that wig and throws seismic side-eye in every direction, flanked by a crew of pregnant cholas and muscle daddies. By the end, she’s taking off with a very shirtless, very sexy hunk — err, Sexy White Boy as he’s credited. That’s right: She’s down to fold.

Some basics in the comments section of YouTube (otherwise known as the eighth circle of Hell) seem bothered about the fact that Adore is pulling a Ke$ha rather than flaunting her Idol-ready vocal chops, but they really need to take several seats at the laundromat, ’cause the bitch can do as she pleases. As if she’s not going to sing on the album!

I’m here for Adore’s pop career. Now, care for a sip of some Cherry Candy Yum Yum?


“DTF” was released on May 20. (iTunes)