There Is A Giant Gold Truck Driving Around LA to Announce Katy Perry’s New Album (It Seems)


Right now, somewhere in LA, a massive gold semi-truck is currently driving around with the words “KATY PERRY, PRISM, 10.22.13″ emblazoned on the sides.

Translation: Katy Perry saw Lady Gaga’s “Applause” cover art, dialed a U-Haul and said “Give me the biggest one you got in gold.”

Of course, that’s assuming it’s the name of the album – and it likely is, given that the first single is not called “Prism” (I can confirm that), and given that the album contains a song called “Double Rainbow.” Prisms. Rainbows. Get it?

UPDATE: Her stylist, Johnny Wujek, just confirmed it on Twitter, too. It’s real.

Katy has kept quiet on social media so far, but since there’s a massive 18-wheeler barreling down the streets of downtown LA with her name on it, chances are she’ll be spilling the beans sooner rather than later.

That’s one pretty fucking fierce way to kick off an album campaign.

Prism will be released on October 22. (iTunes)

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