At this point, we’ve heard over a third of BANKS‘ upcoming debut LP, Goddess. (No one’s complaining.)

And today, we’ve been given further access into the haunting singer-songwriter’s highly anticipated first offering: “Drowning,” a hypnotic slice of downtempo deliciousness produced by Al Shux (who, excitingly, also co-produced Lana Del Rey‘s “This Is What Makes Us Girls” and “Young & Beautiful.”)

“Take it from the girl who made you soup and tied your shoes when you were hurting/You are not deserving,” she snarlingly warns above a marching hip-hop beat and menacing loops. But the song really elevates to the next level toward the very end: “‘Cause I’m drowning for ya,” she solemnly echoes — and it actually does sound like she’s treading water and fighting her way back up to the surface.

“Drowning” is beautifully devastating in its own right, but when packaged together with all the other songs we’ve been given — “Brain,” the contents of the London EP, and everything in between — there’s no doubt that Goddess will wind up at the very top of this year’s “Best Of” list.

‘Goddess’ will be released on September 9. (iTunes)