How’s your weekend going so far? Been doing things you shouldn’t do? No? Sure, Jan.

Marina And The Diamonds‘ succulent, ever-so-melancholy “I’m A Ruin” is the latest bittersweet taste from her forthcoming album FROOT — and one of the best of the bunch so far. But wait — there’s more!

Just as she’s done with another Froot Of The Month, “Happy,” Marina’s stepped into her cosmic room (who doesn’t have one?) to perform the song alongside a band, served extra raw.

The performance is pretty much devastating from the get-go: As if that sparse piano melody wasn’t enough of a tearjerker as it is, Marina keeps the chills coming throughout as she slowly, sadly coos directly into the camera…with those incredible glittery lips, no less.

It’s all very heartbreaking — in a great way, of course.

But just in case you require a quick pick-me-up after that performance, here’s Marina proving herself to be a faithful follower of Godney yet again last night.

Im a… Slaaaave for you???

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Don’t let that cute lil’ Banana The Snake fool you, though: She will still ruin you.

‘FROOT’ will be released on April 6. (iTunes)