This past Pride weekend, no doubt as a selfless and charitable gift to all her gay boys (and girls), The Legendary Miss Britney Spears uploaded an Instagram Video out of nowhere — a sweet surprise we could get used to (REFERENCE).

Godney invites us into her world in the brief clip while out on an afternoon stroll with the blessed bbs Jayden James and Sean Preston, as well as her ferocious pups.

As a known hater of fucking waiting, the “Don’t Keep Me Waiting” goddess seemed a bit bored while waiting for her next round of Live In Las Vegasney performances to begin in August, turning the camera around to tell us: “I’m bored” and “bye.”

The experimental short film has already been hailed by the art community as one of the most important contributions of 2014, and music critics agree that this is in fact Britney’s Most Personal Self-Directed Work To Date since the Knees-As-Boobs opening scene of Britney & Kevin: Chaotic.

But what did we do to suddenly deserve this kind of Instablessing? No one knows — we just want more (MOAH).