The video for eternal Brother Jonas and former The Administration leader Nick Jonas‘ moody ‘n sexy solo single “Chains” has arrived.

Mercifully, chains are involved — after all, what else could the video treatment possibly call for? — along with some church floor-dragging, casual levitating, festive water moments and police squads. Why all of that? Because they’re metaphors. Metaphors for what? Nick’s angst and emotional turmoil. I think. But here’s a better question for you: Why couldn’t more of these metaphors be expressed whilst shirtless? There’s really no good excuse.

Still, it’s all executed nicely — and brings a few other angst-riddled music videos to mind.

It starts off a bit like…


And then it gets sort of…


Until it kind of goes…


But mostly, there’s a lot of oooh…


And a bit of aaah…


And, ultimately, just enough unnnnf.


GIFs via JonasBro and AdeleGIFs.

“Chains” was released on July 30. (iTunes)