“Yard Sale”: Neon Hitch Throws It All Away And Starts Over Again


Neon Hitch is ready to shine all on her own.

We came to know and love the fiery gypsy-pop princess over the past few years because of her distinct and melodic voice, jaw-dropping bohemian-chic lewks and, most importantly, her penchant for crafting an unstoppable pop hook.

From “Get Over U” back in 2011, to “Ass Back Home,” with Gym Class Heroes to “Bad Dog,” and “Fuck U Betta,” to her recent 301 To Paradise mixtape (and even a special performance at my 2011 showcase with GUMBO NYC, #GUMBOPOP!), we’ve watched Neon evolve visually and sonically into the pop star she is today — and it hasn’t always been an easy ride.

After years of stalled releases and push-backs surrounding her (then titled) debut Beg, Borrow & Steal, she’s decided to let the project go once and for all and move on without her record label.

“Although I continued to promote freedom, it was a bit of a contradiction because I didn’t have freedom musically,” she told ArtistDirect. “I couldn’t put out music when I wanted. It made me look bad. It was like, ‘Why can’t this girl finish an album?’ I’d say, ‘Dude, I’ve finished like three albums.’ That was really frustrating to me. Musically, I have complete freedom now.”

Freedom begins now with “Yard Sale,” a cathartic Kinetics & One Love-produced pop record, due out on August 5.

The stomping, sea shanty-like anthem is just what the title implies, supplying both a break-up anthem and a declaration of independence in the larger sense of her career: “I’m having a yard sale, giving away all the things that I used to call my own,” the songstress sweetly coos before driving the point home. “In the box, there is a person that could love you, but that person is the old me!” And then, woosh — in comes a pounding, EDM-tinged beat drop.

It’s as catchy as anything Neon’s ever written — pure Top 40 go-o-old (which is a relief), proving that she’s still got a keen ear for pop.

This song is only just the beginning, too: Eleutheromaniac, Neon’s (very amazingly titled) new debut album, will drop later this year.

The persistence is admirable. I’m rooting for you, Neon!

“Yard Sale” will be released on August 5. (Amazon)

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