With a kid on her arm (two, actually), she’s still an exceptional earner — that’s just how The Legendary Miss Britney Spears rolls.

In fact, Brit Brit loves to roll so much, she recently #blessed a local skate park in LA with her little bbs to watch them skate, and shout, and let it all out (REFERENCE) — and we were lucky enough to be given a brief glimpse into the fun family affair.

“My own little skater boys! #ProudMama” she captioned an Instagram video of Jayden channeling his inner #WORKBXXCH and skating down a ramp, thanks to Momney’s encouragement from the side. “JUST DO IT BABY! JUST DO IT! WOOOOOOOO!!!” That high note!

We haven’t heard those dulcet vocals in a minute, but they sound as flaw-free as ever. Can someone layer this on top of a sick synth-pop beat? Please?

“Just Do It (Baby)”: The late summer smash coming for club domination in 2014.


And then, after a quick change, it’s back to work, bitch.

As we already know, the sensual seductress is currently planning to roll out her line of affordable, pro-woman and size-friendly lingerie and sleepwear, Brintimates — err, The Intimate Britney Spears — on September 9.

She’s been giving us little glimpses of the upcoming designs along the way, and today is the latest piece of B, clearly inspired by “Lace & Leather”: “Clematis: Vibrant pink flowers, patterns in fields of lace.”

Hot bod-eh? Check. Masera-teh? Somewhere just off-camera, but also check.

You’re looking so fire hot, but I’m ready to see those sweatpants now, B. I’m about that life.

The living legend returns to her Piece Of Me stage in Las Vegas on August 15. You ready to get back in the zone?