After making waves with her unbelievably good “Devils Touch” last month, up-and-coming Aussie-bred songstress TIAAN‘s already back at it with a slice of velvety smooth R&B perfectly suited for your Sunday evening.

Unlike the slightly, well, devilish feel of “Devils Touch,” “Clean” is a purely heaven-sent, healing production.

“Please don’t fear it, let them tears fall/You are safe right here in my arms,” she assures us across tripping hip-hop beats, atmospheric sound and delicate piano notes, bringing both the sensual soulfulness of Sade and Toni Braxton to mind, as well as the alt-R&B flow of Jhene Aiko. It’s as sexy as it is soothing — the girl sure knows how to love the hurt away.

You digging TIAAN so far? Good, me too. Dive into “Clean” above and begin anew.

“Clean” was released on August 6. (iTunes)