Here’s a bit of much needed sunshine for the day, courtesy of the lovely and endlessly talented Mrs. Kelly Clarkson Blackstock.

In what was her first time performing live on stage since the birth of her daughter River Rose (who, by the way, is already Glam As Fuck), the Breakaway legend made a surprise cameo during the Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks concert in Chicago to help belt out their upcoming collaboration “PrizeFighter,” due out on September 15.

And yes — momma’s still got it.

The two happily took turns trading off verses and harmonizing on the inspirational anthem together; a welcome return for both of the divas. (In case you, like myself, aren’t that well versed in all things country, “PrizeFighter” is Trisha’s first single since 2008.)

This isn’t the first time the two teamed up, either — they also cooked stuffed pork chops together on TV last year. (And now I’m starving.)

On a related note, this week also marks the 12th (!) anniversary of Kellegend’s crowning as our first-ever American Idol, a #blessing that we will forever be Thankful for.

And on a slightly less related note: Imagine a powerhouse pop vocalist duo in 20 years from now made up of River Rose and Legendtina‘s Summer Rain. Would the pop world even possibly be prepared? Let us pray.

“PrizeFighter” will be released on September 15. (iTunes)