FKA twigs, master voguer and songstress behind one of the year’s most intriguing debut records, just hit the BBC Live Lounge studio this weekend.

The singer performed a mesmerizing live rendition of her killer lead single “Two Weeks”, which was great (love watching the way she moves to the beat) — but that’s not all: She also took on It Boy of 2014, Sam Smith. (!)

True to form, Twigs and her band supply warped noise, whispered echoes and beats to the production, twigs-ifying the track and turning it into something as gorgeously sparse and eerie as anything featured on LP1.

“There was one line which basically alludes to saying, ‘I’m not in love with you and maybe this isn’t a serious thing, but it’s perfect for right now and it’s what I need emotionally right now,’ and maybe that’s just something that I have related to,” she explained before covering the track, according to Pitchfork.

I imagine some Sam Smith purists (and those unfamiliar with Twigs) might shake their heads at the creepy interpretation, but I’m utterly obsessed. Watch above, and check out “Two Weeks” below.

‘LP1’ was released on August 12. (iTunes)