Seven years ago, back in the glorious year of pop that was 2007, Kleerup got our hearts beating on the dance floor with his incredibly hypnotic Robyn collaboration, “With Every Heartbeat.” From there, he was on a roll — from “Longing For Lullabies” with Titiyo to “Forever” with Neneh Cherry to “Until We Bleed” with Lykke Li.

Fast forward to 2014 and plenty has changed, including, tragically, the recent death of his mentor and Robyn hit-maker, Christian Falk.

After experimenting with new sounds and crafting a track that employed “the sort of bouncing, insistent bass groove that Falk himself had mastered,” Kleerup decided to revisit the song he started, calling on Miss Susanne Sundfør to provide the topline, who made a cameo on Royksopp‘s stunning single, “Running To The Sea.”

The catchy throbber is a shift away from the spacier trance sound of Kleerup’s debut album, but in a fresh way that feels right for 2014 — it’s punchier, and more rooted in ’80’s influences. And, as with everything else she’s done, Susanne’s vocals are striking: “Let me in, let me in/I’ve got a heart of gold!” she begs across the chorus.

The track will be part of his upcoming mini-album As If We Never Won due out on October 13, which includes features from Niki + The Dove, Jenny Wilson and Maja from The Sounds.

From the sound of “Let Me In,” it seems this one will be just as much of a gem as his debut.

‘As If We Never Won’ will be released on October 13. (iTunes)