“Only Human”: Cheryl Might Have Just Delivered Her Best Solo Ballad To Date

Here’s the thing: Cheryl Tweedy Cole Fernandez Versini Just Cheryl is almost always at her best when it comes to uptempo club bangers — “Fight For This Love,” “Promise This,” “Call My Name,” “I Don’t Care,” etc. But when it comes to the slow stuff, things can sometimes get a bit…dicey. (“Raindrops” — we’ll just leave it at that.)

That being said, Chezza might have just gone and turned this whole balladry thing ’round with “Only Human,” the title track from her upcoming fourth solo LP.

The thing about “Only Human” is that it is actually massive. Bolstered by Imogen Heap-like vocoders (which gives it a rather alien feel — which is the opposite of human, if you’re searching for Interesting Things To Think About), Cheryl provides the inspiration to find a fook, forgive yourself for being human and live your best life in spite of everything.

Things stay very Immi “Hide & Seek” in the verses, until the song suddenly explodes into its glittering and majestic chorus — an unexpected burst of powerful production. You might even feel a chill or two! (Finally, a song from this era that doesn’t sound like it might still be a demo!)

“Only Human” might just be Cheryl’s best ballad to date — at the very least, it’s certainly way, way up there.

‘Only Human’ will be released on November 10. (iTunes)

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