The Danity Kane Komeback Album Release might be more botched than a Nicole Scherzinger solo album, but hey — at least this one’s actually coming out. (Assuming there’s no more in-studio violence.)

Sticking to their Danity Promise, the remaining girls of DK3 — who are maybe just two of them at this point, Aubrey “Punched In The Back Of The Head” O’Day and Shannon “Honestly Just Trying To Fly Under The Radar Here” Bex, are releasing their scrapped comeback album, DK3. (Dawn “Too Grown For This Mess” Richard has reluctantly co-signed.)

And after the long, long, long awaited premiere of the studio version of live fan favorite “Rhythm Of Love,” the girls have #blessed their remaining fans who pre-ordered the album with a brand new cut: “Tell Me.”

The minimal #SomethingMoreUrban Dawn-penned jam is all sorts of sexy, drifting along chilly synth stabs and finger snaps —  a total throwback to the sound of their 2006 debut mixed with the spooky future-R&B sound that’s dominating 2014. “Tell me how you want me, tell me,” the girls gently purr. The song sounds like it probably could have used a little more mastering and polish (and maybe more vocals?), but judging by the way things went down during their “business meeting,” something tells me all parties involved weren’t too hot on the idea to get it just right.

Nonetheless, it’s still hot fiya.

“Tell Me” was released on October 7. (iTunes)