Thank fuck, Marina And The Diamonds is back with the tune for all the froots (and froot enthusiasts) of the world.

It’s been approximately 37 million years since Marina killed off the fabulously wicked Electra Heart, but she’s returned today with the title track from her forthcoming LP, “Froot.”

The stomping synth-pop gem, which was co-produced by David Kosten (Faultline), sees Marina diving a little deeper into the discotheque than her usual sound. It’s also a bit unusual in structure, calmly stretching across nearly 6 minutes of spacey, sort of 8-bit video game pulsations. (If anything, I’m getting shades of Little Boots‘ “Stuck On Repeat” and Kelly Osbourne‘s “One Word.” And maybe also Super Mario?) And, judging by that glorious bridge, she’s also clearly reading her Twitter mentions: “My body is ready…

“Froot” may not be as instant of a storming pop single like “Primadonna” or “Radioactive,” but give this one time to unfold in the speakers: There are plenty of sweet hooks and even sweeter Marina-isms in the vocal department (“Fro-ot!“, “Ju-uiced!“) to keep this one nice n’ juicy the whole way through.

Come and fill your cup: It tastes real good.


“Froot” was released on October 10. (iTunes)