These two, amirite?

In the very same day that Nick J (formerly Nick Jonas) premiered the Slaynashe (formerly Tinashe) remix of his super solid, super funky paranoia jam “Jealous,” the two just teamed up live on stage on 106 & Park to give us a taste of that 2 On-meets-JoBro goodness — and they nailed it.

Vocals on point. Sexy. Beautiful. Everybody in the audience wanted a taste.

I’m not feeling too jealous about it, though. I’m just feeling very…


But really, the song’s a smash — now more than ever, thanks to this remix. Can Taylor and Meghan please go take a seat so that “Jealous” can break into the Top 10? It would be well deserved…for all parties involved.

‘Nick Jonas’ will be released on November 10. (iTunes)