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Grab a straw, Navy: RiRi‘s giving us parched plebeians another sip of the good stuff.

While we sit here waiting, anticipating and re-ordering our albums in chronological and reverse chronological order on our shelves to pass the time, Robyn “RiRi” Fenty’s laughing it up in the studio, taking pleasure in our pain.

Just look at this. This bitch! It’s cruel, unusual and undoubtedly free of phucks.

Perhaps it was because of the anguished pleas, or perhaps it was her way of acknowledging the truly dismal state of pop in 2014 once again after the first Instagram teaser, but Rih was kind enough to give us a second serving of R8 — and thanks to a few particuarly nosey stans and the briefest tease of lyrics, we can ID the track as “Kiss It Better.”

Y’see, a song called “Kiss It Better” was registered mere days ago, written and produced by Natalia Kills, Rihanna, Jeff Bhasker & Glass John. (See? Look it up.)

With that mere split second of new sound, she’s already giving me a touch of Rated R with that whining guitar. Yum. But a snippet ain’t enough…