Boys and girls around the world: Charli XCX is at it again.

Merely a year (and a few months) after releasing her long, long, long-awaited debut album True Romance (which remains one of the best records of 2013), the rebellious pop mega-babe is back with her second studio LP just in time to ask Santa to throw a copy in his sleigh.

Musically, Charli’s done nearly a complete 180, moving away from the chilly cyber-fuzz and synth-pop pulsations of True Romance. This time around, the London Queen’s strapping on a guitar, slipping into a silky negligee and trashing the fuck out of the stage at prom in a burst of #unapologetic teen spirit. From too-cool-for-school banger “Break The Rules” to “Boom Clap,” one of the year’s most anthemic pop records, Charli’s getting all up in your face on this rowdy go-around…which you probably won’t mind too much.

Have a listen on iTunes Radio, and let me know what you think. (Spoiler Alert: “Doing It” is the business.)

‘Sucker’ will be released on December 15. (iTunes)