Jessie Ware The Kill

Jessie Ware Is Going In for ‘The Kill’

Jessie Ware keeps the pleasure coming, pandemic be damned.

Jessie Ware‘s What’s Your Pleasure? is one of the year’s best albums, and even if she can’t make an in-person appearance on a television show or be on the road to promote the record at the moment, she’s doing her best – with the help of a few talented friends around the world – to do the record the justice it deserves.

Over the past few weeks since the album’s release, Jessie’s dropped visuals for more and more tracks from the album, including the fabulous Nicolas Huchard-led clip for title track “What’s Your Pleasure?”, the Janet Jackson-style glory of “Soul Patrol” as performed by dancer Hajiba Fahmy, the quirky, Fatboy Slim “Weapon of Choice”-esque performed by dancer Eric Schloesser, and the lava lamp-ish allure of “In Your Eyes,” with Jessie herself taking the helm again.

To do the honors for “The Kill,” which remains quite possibly my favorite song on the record, Jessie’s returned in front of the camera, all glammed up, to provide her gorgeous side profile against interrogation-style lighting. The clip is peppered with footage of a late night city ride – a fitting match to the mood of the alluring and slightly ominous song, which plays like a Röyksopp-produced James Bond theme.

Get into the moodiness of Jessie Ware’s “The Kill” above, and keep tripping the light fantastic with all the What’s Your Pleasure? visuals from the era below. And if you haven’t gone in for the kill yourself yet, here’s the full album review.

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