Sometimes I like the thrill of being two women at the same time. You?

Exceptional earner, true lover of all things cool, faded and vintage, and princess of pop-turned-Queen Of Pop-turned-internationally renowned poetess Britney Jean Spears has a lingerie and sleepwear line called The Intimate Britney Spears. You already know that, because she flew around the world to #bless you all with a glimpse at her collection. (The sweatpants are comfy.)

But in case you haven’t been paying enough attention to the ongoing campaign, the accompanying ads for The Holy Spearit’s collection are truly some next level, left-lane ish. I’m talking sensual, seductive, poetry-filled delights filled with sweet talk about feminine fabrics, velvet surprises and Heaven On Earth-sent whispers. And, with her latest clips for her Amaryllis and Buttercup collections released this week, B-Girl’s giving us even more (MOAH!) of the goods.

You wanna rose powder corset flirting with an elegant tie? You wanna angelskin chemise charmed by feminine ruffles? You better get intimate, bitch.

On days like this, you can call me Amaryllis.

…But only in a whisper.

…And only when you feel as beautiful as a flower.

…And also only if you bought Lotus on iTunes.