We’ve had plenty of years in pop dedicated to boobs. Just look at Katy Perry‘s entire career! Last year was all about the booty, thanks to Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj and Meghan Trainor. Now, here’s the big question: Is 2015 the Year Of The Biscuit?

Ivy Levan presents a rather compelling case.

The Arkansas-bred “Swamp Pop” Cherrytree Records Southern Belle (mmm, swamp biscuit!) is making her big ‘n flaky debut today, the first taste (literally!) of her forthcoming debut LP due out in April. At long last, bakers and baked good enthusiasts alike now have themselves a proper ode to the almighty flour-based food product, which is not at all being used as a euphemism for another thing.

I think you might have missed it, I think you got it twisted/When I told you to kiss it, my biscuit, my biscuit!

As for the music? It’s a rowdy, grit-filled kiss-off full of sassy horns and gruff pipes, which sort of sounds like the perfect theme song for a new season of Mob Wives. The song is obviously ridiculous, but it’s pretty damn catchy too, from that horn-filled chorus to the Aerosmith-like yelps of “Give it a kiss!” Is Ivy Levan about to revolutionize the industry? (The baking industry, that is.)

Lucky for us, the biscuit kissing isn’t limited to song, either: The accompanying video sees Ivy serving up multiple wigs, stripping down and delivering hair flips aplenty in a red hot corset. Yet even with all that, she’s still overshadowed by the sheer wattage of her co-star: An actual biscuit.

Just give it a kiss.

“Biscuit” was released on January 13. (iTunes)