Sia Takes Her “Elastic Heart” To ‘The Ellen Show’ (With A Special Grammy Awards Announcement)

By now, we should all be accustomed to the fact that Pop’s Premiere Scribe Sia continues to find new ways to snatch our wigs — by putting her wigs on other people, from her recreation of “Chandelier” on The Ellen Show, to her truly buzzed about pairing with Lena Dunham to her memorable debut on Saturday Night Live earlier this month.

This time around, the quirky singer-songbird — along with Dance Moms mini-diva Maddie Ziegler — returned to Ellen to croon her latest single, “Elastic Heart.”

And while she didn’t have Shia LaBeouf in tow for a shirtless cage match, she did bring the visual spectacle once again, belting out the song alongside a whole bunch o’ mini-Sia bobbleheads (buy Bionic!) encased in white boxes. It was bizarre, beautiful and yet another creative way to keep the visual campaign for 1000 Forms Of Fear alive and well.

Oh! And if you stick around until the end, you’ll hear her giggle some rather exciting news: She’s hitting the stage at the upcoming 57th Annual Grammy Awards. What to expect? One can only imagine…perhaps she’ll have fellow Grammy performer Madonna do her own “Elastic Heart” cage match with Rebel Heart collaborator Mike Tyson?

This year’s ceremony airs on February 8.

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