The good news is that a little under one year, one reshuffled management team, one new label deal and one upcoming Vegas residency later, Mariah Carey is keeping it hashtag very on brand with her brand new single, “Infinity,” a biting moment of retro middle finger whatever.

The bad? Nick Cannon might want to find a flashlight, because the shade is thick.

The glittery, immediately oh-so-Mimi midtempo R&B kiss-off aims directly at her ex, coming straight for that little boy’s bank account and his corn product-like behavior over and over again.

Sure, the angelically cooed sass sounds good enough on record, but those lines hit even harder when illustrated by the song’s already iconic lyric video, including but not limited to:







Only Mariah could.

As for the song itself? Well, it’s not particularly better or radio-friendlier than anything on Me. I Am Mariah (#JusticeForYouDontKnowWhatToDo!). It’s good for sure, and certainly a lot of fun (“duh“), but as far as being a candidate for #19 from #1 To Infinity? Maybe not.

Still, it’s fun! And cute! And very much for the Lambily.


Also, the line: “I was yours eternally.” That subtle “You’re Mine (Eternal)” REFERENCE!

Also, that ridiculous final note…followed by the cackle at the end.

Also, this is arguably the gayest moment in any lyric video for any song, ever:


Only Mariah would.


“Infinity” was released on April 27. (iTunes)