Papa John’s Pizza Ruined Iggy Azalea’s Whole Entire Life


Do you know what it’s like to be haunted by pizza?

To have feverish nightmares of being consumed by melted cheese and flaky crusts?

To walk into a room and begin hallucinating that the walls are splattered with tomato sauce and pepperoni slices?

Iggy Azalea sure as fuck does.

I-G-G-Y, arguably the #1 pop artist in the world most likely to benefit from a “Log Out” button on her phone, decided to take to Twitter yesterday — the day of the Grammy Awards — to publicly air her grievances against the damned take-out chain.

Her Twitter spats are nothing new of course, but this would be perhaps the first time the “Work” entertainer directly attacked pizza.

You see, Iggy ordered a pizza the day before using her personal phone number. Why not an assistant’s phone number, or someone from the label or something? Because she’s the rillest — and she gets rill hungry, too.

The #Problem is: The delivery boy figured out that he was delivering the pizza to Iggy Azalea — maybe because she opened the door herself and said something like “Hi, I’m Iggy Azalea.” As a result, the young pizza boy-turned-privacy breacher proceeded to give out her phone number to others.

Much like the Sony hack — except worse, obviously — Iggy’s information had been leaked to the public. And so, she proceeded to chew up (no pun intended) @PapaJohn’s on The Twitter, mere hours before The Grammys were set to begin.

“Yeah, it’s an honor to be here or whatever. But have you ever ordered from Papa John’s, Ryan?”

A mere hour after the ceremony, the Aussie femcee returned to her personal (breached) phone.

And what was her first order of business post-Grammys? Perhaps a congratulatory tweet to friends for their wins? Or a thank you to fans for supporting her all the way to the Grammys?

No. It was right back to the fucking pizza.