“There’s something ’bout you got me changing my mind like that…”

GRACEY might have had a delayed debut this year, but she’s absolutely on the right track.

The 22-year-old Brighton singer already notched her first Top 10 UK hit in the form of disillusioned dance floor banger “Don’t Need Love” with 220 KID, and even had a TikTok viral moment with the all too appropriate for quarantine “Alone In My Room (Gone).”

And as of Wednesday (August 26), she’s back with what might well be her biggest, brightest, and catchiest track to date: “Like That,” featuring Chicago rising star, Alexander 23. (She’s got a thing with number-in-name collaborations, clearly.)

The conflicted banger, co-produced by Tom Stafford and Josh Fountain, is all about being determined to get out from under…but there’s just something pulling you back. Been there?

The instant dance-pop earworm’s got a clever anti-chorus moment, diving downward for a sultry spoken shuffle instead of exploding outward as the rocket launcher of a pre-chorus would imply.

Don’t want no one ’cause I’m on the right track / But there’s something ’bout you got me changing my mind like that,” she declares on the finger-snapping, strut-friendly track. It’s got some real candy-coated, Katy Perry-worthy pop melodies, especially in the bridge, that certainly ought to supply a sparkle of that summery energy straight through to the end of the season.

Like that? Why yes, I most certainly do.

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Photo credit: Bella Howard