Grimes Miss Anthropocene Rave Edition

Grimes Kicks Off 2021 With ‘Miss Anthropocene’ Rave Edition

Start the new year with a (socially distanced) rave.

Happy New Year.

It is now the year 2021, which means we’re another year closer to the inevitable reign of future supreme leader, Baby X Æ A-Xii. And, with any luck, this will be a better, kinder, healthier year for humanity. (Look, we can dream.)

To kick off the year, we’re starting with something already familiar, now given fast and feverish new life: GrimesMiss Anthropocene, one of 2020’s Top 10 albums.

The record, which was released all the way back in February and includes songs like “So Heavy I Fell Through the Earth,” “Delete Forever” and “Violence,” has been remixed, reimagined and made still iconic with a special “Rave Edition,” out Friday (January 1).

The repackage includes a bunch of intense remixes from the likes of everyone from Chromatica crafter BloodPop to Rezz to ANNA to Richie Hawtin to “Impact” star Channel Tres. Other songs appear in their original form, including the already delightfully frenzied “4ÆM” and “Before the Fever.”

While some of the mixes get fairly heavy and hardcore (and somewhat vocal-free), others are a pleasantly light surprise, including the disco-y Things You Say mix of “you’ll miss me when I’m not around.” An anthropomorphic goddess of climate change’s confessions on a dance floor? Sure, I’ll take it.

The Rave Edition of Miss Anthropocene also comes just after Grimes just dropped a great DJ mix for the ill-fated Cyberpunk 2077 on Apple Music, featuring everyone from Rihanna to t.A.T.u. Clearly, she’s feeling antsy after months of social distancing. Aren’t we all?

Chances are you’re probably keeping it lowkey this New Year’s Day – unless you’re a gay super-spreading at a circuit party at Puerto Vallarta, in which case: go fuck yourself. But assuming you’re not, by all means, get lost in the music and enjoy an at-home solo dance party, workout or slay session set to the sound of Grimes and company.

Let’s do this, 2021.

Miss Anthropocene is available now on vinyl.

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