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Madonna Is Revisiting Her ‘Sex’ Book With Diablo Cody

Madonna’s digging deeper (and deeper) into her archives for her screenplay – and we’ve hit the ‘Erotica’ era.

Madonna is doing…something with Diablo Cody, and it sure as hell looks and sounds like a biopic.

As for the approximate timespan of the (maybe) movie about the Re-Invention Queen’s life?

We know that she’s pulled out the archival photographs from moving to New York City in the late ’70s, and journals dating back to the early ’80s are sitting within her Battle hoodie-d reach. She’s already shown us footage discussing the iconic cone bra from the Blond Ambition Tour, taking us into 1990.

And as of Labor Day weekend, we’re now maneuvering deeper (and deeper) into the ’90s with Sex, her highly controversial book that launched in October of 1992 alongside her fifth studio album, Erotica.

“Looking back its hard to believe that this book caused so much controversy,” she captioned a video of herself reading one of the excerpts from the book, which is filled with photos of the Queen of Pop – sorry, Mistress Dita – having a threesome with Big Daddy Kane and Naomi Campbell, giving a rimjob to an ass in a jock strap, and masturbating on top of a mirror.

“And have we moved forward? Is the Patriarchal world we live in ready to accept Women expressing their Sexuality?#sex #wap #controversy #diablocody.” (You just knew Madonna was going to reference “WAP” eventually.)

“This is the precursor to ‘Wet Ass Pussy,’ let’s face it,” she declares in an earlier clip before flipping through old Polaroids, as she struggles to recall some damning condemnation from the past: “I just remember the word ‘The Antichrist,’ or ‘The Devil,’ I don’t know…’The Antichrist of Pop Music,'” she says, with an evil laugh.

“What if you write somebody else’s life story while I write yours?” Diablo jokes at one point – perhaps the most obvious confirmation to date that this screenplay is, in fact, a Madonna biopic.

As for the movie-making itself, Madge has been causing a commotion by following Julia Garner on Instagram – and she’s just followed Florence Pugh as well, whose name frequently pops up as a potentially great pick for the role.

It’s entirely possible that Madonna will require more than one actress, depending on how many decades of her career she’s planning to cover. We’ll just have to see how far Her Madgesty and Diablo Cody are taking this screenplay. (Prepare yourselves accordingly for the “Hey You” era.)

I can’t imagine we’ll be playing guessing games for too long: something tells me that despite Lourdes‘ best efforts to snatch away her mother’s phone, Madonna will only continue to keep us posted every step of the way.

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