“Style” is one of the best songs on experimental singer-songwriter Taylor Swift‘s under-the-radar 2014 release, 1989. And, wisely, it’s been selected as the next single from the album.

The video for “Style” has just arrived tonight, and it’s…well. It’s pretty! And stylish of course, as the video for a song called “Style” deserves to be. But is it a “Blank Space”? No. It is most certainly not a “Blank Space.” And, dare I say, it’s not even a “Shake It Off.”

Aside from an unsubtle Harry Styles reference at the beginning with the paper airplane necklace (if you really care about that sort of thing), the “Style” video is mostly for fans of pretty things: Pretty boys, pretty Taylor, pretty Photoshop effects, pretty landscapes and pretty dresses.

There’s not really much of a narrative at all: It’s more like watching a slideshow of a Pinterest board named “DAYDREAM” set to some nice background music. Or that JustGirlyThings Tumblr.

It’s also the perfect representation of Aretha Franklin‘s impeccably shady description of Taylor Swift: “Okay…great gowns, beautiful gowns.”

Memorable? Not particularly, no. But pretty? Very pretty!

‘1989’ was released on October 27. (iTunes)