Didn’t she tell you? Cape yank and sock bitch be damned — Madonna is gonna carry on.

Mighty Madge’s #RebelHeartPromo continues overseas today with an appearance on France’s Le Grand Journal.

After an unexpectedly heavy interview, the icon performed a muscly, hard-edged remix of “Living For Love” (is that you crooning in the background, MNEK?) And yes, you better believe she climbed right up those piano steps like the #UnapologeticBitch she is. She ain’t afraid of no stairs!

And, like a Christina Aguilera career retrospective, it just keeps getting better: See those fierce girls voguing alongside M? They’re from this dance workshop video I was absolutely obsessed with that went sort of viral on Vine. Madonna, you trendy legend!

And that’s not all! Madge followed up the performance with her first live serving of “Ghosttown”  (that we’ve seen broadcast, anyway), her haunting devastation ballad, which is rumored to be the second Rebel Heart single.

While the Queen is at her best man-handling minotaurs, flipping mid-air and dry-humping boomboxes, it’s refreshing to see Balladonna in action for a change. And for a first performance of the song, she sounded great, especially once it took off with that final glorious chorus. “When it all falls, when it all falls down…

All in all, a completely victorious (and snag-free) promotional performance from Her Madgesty. Reign on, Queen!