Ciara’s “I Bet” Video Is Pissing Off The Ballet Community

Ciara: Host of Body Parties, Lover of Goodies…and now, The New Queen Of Controversy.

If you didn’t catch it at the beginning of the week, CiCi dropped a gorgeous video for her latest single and/or melodic middle finger raised in the direction of Future, “I Bet,” in which she plays a sexy, sad ballerina. To do so, she stood on her tippy-toes in a pair of pointe shoes.

And that is exactly where shit got real.

Dance Spirit Magazine, the premiere news source for dancers with spirit (I’ve got spirit, how ’bout you?), called out Ciara for wearing the shoes in a blistering takedown piece.

Why, Ciara, why? That’s the question we’ve been asking ever since we saw the R&B star’s latest video, “I Bet,” in which she straps on a pair of pointe shoes.

Unless you’re a trained ballet dancer, and you know for a fact you won’t injure yourself (or your viewers’ eyes), just leave the pointe shoes out of it. That’s our PSA and we’re sticking to it.

Translation: Bitch, pliés!

The outrage only gets louder from the ballerinas twirling with rage in the comments:

“Please, if you are not trained, leave the pointe shoes to someone who is. You could have injured yourself ,and caused younger girls that look up to you to run out and buy pointe shoes without a clue to how to use them. Pointe shoes are Earned with training, many years of training,” screamed Annette.

“This is bad,” raged Joan, unable to even.

So. What the fouetté, CiCi?

Should the New Queen of Controversy stick to her signature gravity-defying back-bends and leave those perilous moves to the pros? Or should she just release “Overdose” as a single?

Who knows who she’ll scandalize next…

“I Bet” was released on January 26. (iTunes)

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