Well, this is a thing that is now officially happening.

After Danity Kane went and Danity Kalled off their reunion for good thanks to some flying fists and larger-than-life egos, the remaining members of the troupe — all 2 of them, Aubrey Automatic O’Day and Shannon “Just Going Along With It, Y’all” Bex — have unveiled what they’ve been working on behind-the-scenes for months: Dumblonde, an “independent alternative dance/pop duo.”

Allow the girls to explain themselves, courtesy of their brand new website:

Dumblonde is an independent alternative Dance/Pop duo created by singer/songwriters Aubrey O’Day and Shannon Bex formerly of the multi-platinum, international, chart topping female group Danity Kane. The girls were discovered on the hit MTV show “Making the Band”, and grew to be noted in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the only girl group to have two number one consecutive albums on Billboard. In their ten years sharing the stage these two formed an unbreakable bond while touring the world with many artists, including opening for the Black Eyed Peas, Backstreet Boys, and Christina Aguilera. Their indie pop debut has strong dance and alternative influences reminiscent of acts like The Ting Tings, and La Roux. The combination of their iconic blonde appeal, transcendent harmonies and powerful stage presence is a style unique only to Dumblonde.

Iconic Blonde Appeal.

Transcendent Harmonies.

Powerful Stage Presence.



The two are currently heading to the iHeartRadio Music Awards this afternoon, presumably to announce their Dumblondity on the red carpet.

There’s no new music to hear just yet, although there IS a listening party you can attend in LA on April 11 to hear their upcoming EP, participate in a Q&A and meet Dumblonde…if you want to pay $100 for a ticket.

Here’s hoping a cover of this song is at the very top of their agenda:

From the ashes of Danity Kane…let the Dumblonde reign commence.