The Madgeical moments just keep coming on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week.

Having already thirsted for Justin Bieber‘s twinky D and lived for love and Zimmer frames, Madonna decided to keep things simple and solemn for Day 3 with a performance of her thunderous upcoming Rebel Heart single, “Ghosttown.”

Wrapped up tight like the leather fun-loving Grindr mommy she is, Madonna delivered yet another stirring performance of the post-apocalyptic tune. In fact, it was likely her best to date, from the outfit choice to the raw, emotional vocal delivery. Best of all was when she kneeled down (bless yourself and genuflect) during the bridge, only to rise up (rise up, lotus, rise!) and give us one last woosh of that big chorus.

M-Dolla giving us Balladonna on American daytime TV is something we haven’t seen in well over a decade. We’re truly lucky to have her heavenly light in this mad, mad world.

‘Rebel Heart’ was released on March 10. (iTunes)