Wait: Did you know that “One Last Time”pint-sized pop princess Ariana Grande has never actually been a guest — like, a speaking guest — on late night TV until last night’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon? Weird, but true.

In honor of what is now unofficially Pop Star On Pop Star Impression Appreciation Year, following Legend X taking on Brit Brit and Kelly Clarkson and Fallon working their way through a series of duets, the tiny Mumblusive Chanteuse herself was asked to show off one of her many (genuinely amazing) impressions: Canadian Queen Supreme Celine Dion.

As the video suggests, it’s truly spot-on: That iconic accent! The “SHALL WE GO FOR IT?” The heartfelt chest bump! Of course, Ari sort of didn’t know the words to “Beauty And The Beast,” so she decided to mumble along while she sang, which is…well, right on brand!

She’s quite the adorable lil’ mini-diva, and her obvious appreciation for the pop legends is charming. Have you heard her take on Judy Garland? Or her frequent Madonna freak-outs? A queen’s Queen, for sure.

It’s a well-timed appearance, too: I’m off to see this marble-mouthed beauty in concert tonight. Can’t wait!