Avril Lavigne is really a sweet, sweet angel sent from above.

You see, Av’s been mostly gone for more than a minute now ever since she released her underrated self-titled 2013 record. (Well, apart from supplying that witchy video for “Give You What You Like,” the anthem of iconic teen escort Lifetime original, Babysitter’s Black Book.)

But the reason is actually more serious than just an extended hiatus from the biz: She’s been battling a mystery illness behind-the-scenes, which she just recently revealed to be Lyme Disease. In a phone interview with Good Morning America this AM, Avril revealed that she’s doing well with her recovery. “I went from doctor to doctor for about eight months until I found somebody that had the knowledge of Lyme Disease, and the experience of treating it,” she said. “I believe that I will come out of this healthier and stronger than I was before. I’ve gained a lot of perspective on my life.”

Luckily, she’s starting to get back out there….slowly but surely, as Brit Brit would say.

Today, Avril debuted the video for “Fly,” a song written for the Special Olympics Summer Games as part of her own Avril Lavigne Foundation, which was established in 2010 to support children with severe disability. Truly, the woman has a wonderful soul.

The self-empowerment anthem is, perhaps as to be expected, chock full of platitudes about flying high, reaching up and spreading one’s wings (that cover art is truly something), although it really is a sweet song and a nice message, and the accompanying video is very touching. I’ll admit, I got a bit choked up in between seeing the little kids and Avril back in action. It’s just very nice of her! Don’t look at me right now.

I know that sometimes I can be an #UnapologeticBitch, but I can get a little sappy sometimes too. Feel better soon, Avril!

“Fly” was released on April 16. (iTunes)