Lauren, Camila, Normani, Ally and Dinah — the young ladies-turned-mega-babe squad known as Fifth Harmony — are moving on up the Billboard Hot 100 with their horn-heavy Reflection banga, “Worth It.”

And so, to promote said banga, the girls came to Live With Kelly & Michael early this AM to perform the track live.

And seriously? They turned (turnt) it out.

Earlier live performances of “Worth It” on TV relied solely on their (always impressive) vocals and hip swingin’ choreography. But this time around? They brought along some props to match their empowered feminist businesswomen- on-a-mission-themed “Worth It” music video. And yes, the decision was very #WorthIt.

As I’ve come to learn from personal experience, the girls know how to turn any inanimate object into a slay-worthy pop prop for posing, rendering telephones, papers and desks into weapons of mass ferocity. In case it isn’t already clear, 5H is seriously stepping up their live performances the further they progress. Really, this is an excellent pop performance of major hair-flipping, finger-snapping proportions.

Even more impressively, the troupe gave us this performance on next to no sleep, considering they were up at 3 AM to get ready. I only know this because they told me in person today in between smothering me with all their love and harmonies for an upcoming interview on Idolator. Not to brag or whatever — it’s just a fact that they all seriously have crushes on me, and that’s something I can’t help.

And just for the record, they asked me for my favorite Reflection song, and I should “Going Nowhere.” If that’s the next single, you’re welcome in advance.

Long day at work, but it was #WorthIt to see with this babe squad again.

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‘Reflection’ was released on January 30. (iTunes)

Photo via JustJaredJr