MØ Live to Survive

“Live To Survive”: The Triumphant Return of MØ

The “Lean On” Danish superstar is back and ready to thrive.

‘s back. (Everyone kind of just says “mo,” but it’s technically pronounced like meu.)

The Danish superstar singer-songwriter, who you surely know and love best from the inescapable “Lean On” with Major Lazer and DJ Snake (at one point, the most-streamed song of all time), as well as “Cold Water” with Justin Bieber and her huge “Final Song,” is making the first solo step back into the music scene since 2018’s Forever Neverland with “Live to Survive.” In the words of Legends Only favorite Roz, it’s beenaboutta minute!

It’s also quite an on-trend serving from a personnel standpoint, co-crafted with our new favorite producer SG Lewis and Caroline Ailin, of Dua Lipa‘s Future Nostalgia fame. (Between this and the new Sigrid, the impact of Miss Peep and the disco-pop revival knows no bounds in 2021.)

And, much like the underlying themes in “Don’t Start Now” and “Mirror,” MØ is on a self-empowerment journey and thriving (well, surviving at least) in spite of everything.

I live to survive another heartache / I live to survive another mistake / I live to survive another heartache / I live to survive,” she declares along the slick, shimmering electronic pulse.

MØ might have lost a few battles along the way, but she’s clearly won the war: “You dragged me down that hole with you / So now, you can stay there.” Tell ’em!

“[It’s] very much about pulling yourself through a shitty time and coming back stronger on the other side, but it’s also about forgiving yourself for those mistakes. It’s going to happen a few times in your life, so you need to get back on the horse,” she sagely says of the fierce survival anthem.

The accompanying video finally answers the question: what would happen if I career-pivoted to full-time Globe of Death stunt rider? As it turns out: a visually stunning, universe-bending collision of massive proportions. The clip was shot in the British countryside with director Joanna Nordahl, and finds MØ as the character Ophelia to introduce the themes of her upcoming record: “rebirth, transformation, acceptance and strength.”

The dramatic declaration is a perfect way to put the right foot forth on the dance floor for MØ’s upcoming outing. And there’s more to come: “it’s a tasteful tease for a summer of more music from the popstar and sets the tone for her new fruitful era,” the release declares. Live, laugh, love, lean on.

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