With the Maddie Ziegler-assisted video trilogy complete (“Chandelier,” “Elastic Heart” and, most recently, “Big Girls Cry”), pop’s other Elusive Chanteuse Sia has enlisted a new muse to carry out her next installment of 1000 Forms Of Fear: Heidi Klum. Or…wait. Is it the other way around?

In fact, the music video is only scored to Sia’s song — she herself wasn’t involved in this video, which is actually meant to promote Heidi’s own Intimates collection. (!)

From the press release:

“Sia is one of those incredible artists who puts so much passion into her work, and I am thrilled to be part of a music video set to her song ‘Fire Meet Gasoline.’  I remember being blown away the first time I heard her voice on ‘Breathe Me,” said Klum, “and I love many songs she has written for other artists. I love great collaborations and to be given the opportunity to appear in the video while wearing my Heidi Klum Intimates collection, is definitely up there.  Francesco, Pedro and I had a blast shooting.  You don’t know exactly what’s happening – but we’re definitely up to something!”

That being said, much like the rest of Sia’s 1000 Forms videography, the striking clip is open for your own interpretation.

The goddess of a supermodel and her handsome beau, played by Game Of ThronesPedro Pascal, are caught up in an us-against-the-world kind of love affair, directed by Francesco Carrozzini — THAT’S LANA DEL REY‘S BOYFRIEND, MIND YOU.

My own take? Heidi and Pedro are head-over-heels in love, fueled by a fiery passion (all the love making! The Heidi Klum intimates bra!) in a ride-or-die, Bonnie and Clyde kind of romance — one that can even withstand the casual cameo of a mystery rock coated in blood. (A metaphor for a less-than-wholesome past? Perhaps!)

When the duo needs to make their quick escape, Heidi has no problem whatsoever setting their cozy abode ablaze and setting off into the night with her man. Fire, meet gasoline. Heidi truly looks like straight-up fiya throughout, but it’s that fierce last-minute appearance of The Wig that seals the deal and keeps the cohesion of this album era alive — even if it’s not actually a Sia original.

You just gotta love a couple that commits…especially when they’re committing arson.

‘1000 Forms Of Fear’ was released on July 8, 2014. (iTunes)