Tonight! The MTV Movie Awards! Yes, the other MTV award show. It’s still a thing! Who knew? And tonight, the ceremony was briefly made genuinely relevant again thanks to our reliable Aquarius Queen, Tinashe.

You see, Charli XCX was out on stage strumming a comically oversized electric guitar and rocking out in zebra print onesie to her new Sucker single “Famous,” getting the teens all riled up and whatnot. (Gosh, it really hurts me to admit this because I love Charli so much, but this era is just not doing it for me whatsoever as of late. #JusticeForTrueRomance.)

Anywho. After slipping on some shades, Charli announced Tinashe and Ty Dolla Sign to the stage to drop that kitty down low.

That’s when Tinashe walked out. And everything changed.

tinashe-turnI. MEAN.

As if we needed further proof that Tinashe is truly the baby Janet Jackson or Britney Spears of this Brave New Selfie-Stick Loving World, it’s right here: This fierce strut down the stairs — which, you’ll recall, have not been so kind to our faves as of late. A backwards spin. An over-the-shoulder glance. A sass that is simply unmatched.

Walking down the stairs will never be the same.

From there, Tinashe delivered slick choreography all over the stage before finally getting a chance to croon all one or two of her lines from the song. It was far too short of an appearance, and yet, within the sixty-ish seconds of stage time Tinashe was allotted, she effectively stole the show.

You must understand: There is an art to this whole pop star thing when it’s done right. It’s a dying art. But when you watch Tinashe in action, there’s no denying the fact that she is simply magnetic. When you find yourself muttering “I want to meet/do/be just like her” while she’s performing, that’s how you know: She’s got it.

Just like her debut late night TV Jimmy Kimmel performance of “2 On.” Or her “All Hands On Deck” on Conan. Or that show-stopping Soul Train Awards medley. The girl is it.



GIFs via MTV. Photo via Tinashe Music..