MuuTunes: May 2015

Oh, hello. It’s been a while…but I’m here now.

As promised, even with the whole new editor in chief at PopCrush thing, MuuMuse isn’t going anywhere. Promise. It’s just getting more personal! And more urban, too.

I’ve really dived in headfirst getting to work bitch with the new gig, so admittedly, I haven’t had my ear to the streets (err, Twitter timeline) quite as much as I’d like to in these past few days. But that’s okay! Everything is going well, and big things are underway.

I’ve already got a great set of songs to kick off this month. So without further ado, the first few tunes that are definitively MuuMuse Approved for May…

Britney Spears feat. & Iggy Azalea, “Pretty Girls”

Duh. So PRETT-AY! (Also, I talked about this one on Billboard’s Pop Shop.)

Wynter Gordon, “Bleeding Out”

Wynter Gordon is the definition of a forever fave. I have complete confidence in whatever she releases…anytime, anywhere. Ever the shape-shifter, Wynter’s latest folky, guitar-led turn has allowed her to showcase her vocals and her songwriting skills. “Bleeding Out,” the new single from her upcoming Five Needle EP out on June 2, is an exquisite exercise in soul-baring, brokenhearted beauty.

There are strong ’90’s singer-songwriter vibes throughout (Natalie Merchant comes to mind), some Lana Del Rey summertime sadness and a bit of the intoxicating melancholy of BANKS. If that voice isn’t enough to produce a shiver, those lyrics certainly will: “Please don’t set me free, ’cause the only thing I’m afraid of is that you’re not loving me…” Gulp!

This song is very special. Wynter is very special.

Pia Mia, “Do It Again (feat. Tyga & Chris Brown)

I really do love me some Pia Mia. She is, undoubtedly, the best Guamanian pop star of our time. “Do It Again” feels like the bouncy summer smash that we deserve from Rihanna, “What’s My Name” style. Who doesn’t wax nostalgic for that particularly great one night stand now and then? All hail Pia.

Cœur de pirate, “Carry On”

Canadian singer-songwriter Béatrice Martin, stage name Cœur de pirate (that’s “Pirate Heart”!), supplies Björn Yttling-produced singer-songwriter goodness wrapped in airy synth-pop and sweeping strings. The song feels fiercely romantic, nostalgic and melancholy all at once — a solid feat.

Ciara, “Dance Like We’re Making Love” & “Give Me Love”

Real talk: Jackie really isn’t Ciara‘s strongest album. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with the album really, but this particular set of goodies just isn’t quite as impressive or interesting as 2013’s Ciara — seriously, #JUSTICEFOROVERDOSE rings as loud as ever. Still, it’s certainly acceptably solid Ci! And her current single, the Dr. Luke-helmed “Dance Like We’re Making Love,” as well as the thumping “Give Me Love,” are both adequately turnt.

Little Boots, “Better In The Morning”

Little Boots never fails to brings the bops as she evolves, and she’ doing it better than ever with the unstoppable Ariel Rechtshaid. “Better In The Morning” officially kicks off her upcoming album, Working Girl, due out in July. The song is an ode to a walk of shame (amazing), full of fun, bouncy ’80’s-encrusted beats and cute lil’ earworm melodies. You just got laid last night…so smile along while you strut home with Miss Boots! Doo-da-doo!

The May MuuTunes will update regularly throughout the month. Subscribe to the Spotify playlist now! More songs to come…

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