Alexandra Stan, Supreme Ruler of Lemonade and Saxobeats, is a Romanian Queen of Pop.

Inna, Empress of Cola and One Word Titles (“Wow”, “Hot”, “Amazing”), is a Romanian Queen of Pop.

Together, in an attempt to cause a rip in the time-space fabric, the two pop icons have come together for one almighty, super sax-y duet (with Daddy Yankee too or whatever): “We Wanna.”

Rihanna and Shakira who? Lady Gaga and Beyoncé huh? No, no. It’s all about INNALEXANDRA.

“We Wanna” is all about, you know, how Inna and Alexandra just wanna party and dance and stuff. (LET THESE LADIES DANCE!) It’s a super solid, club-ready summer jam bound to blow up from Argentina to Morocco, full of catchy hooks (“‘Bout to go!”) and infectiously sax-y sax noises borrowed from the home of Mr. Saxobeat.

As far as the video? What else would an iconic showdown between the two Romanian Queens of Pop be other than a step-by-step visual guide to the ways in which we mere plebeians are vastly inferior to the Inna and Alexandra? They pose better than you. They dance better than you. They rock metallic eyeshadow better than you. Their hair is certainly better than yours. They even stand next to cacti better than you. Quite simply: we’re unworthy.

This description of their collaboration, courtesy of Alexandra Stan — translated from Romanian to English via Google Translate — really says it all: “It seems to me that we two are like a delicious vanilla and chocolate milkshake, which simply can not get enough!” AGREED.

ALL HAIL INNALEXANDRA. May they forever sexily reign.